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Men In Black 3 – Back in Time Review

It’s be 10 years (REALLY! TEN YEARS! GETTING OLD, I AM) since we last saw Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent J (Will Smith) slugging it out with aliens – the prize being Earth’s continued existence – the Men in Black haven’t lost a step. The franchise is a little rough though.


The story starts with a prison break by assassin Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement, Flight of the Concords) – a one armed spike shooting blast from K’s past – 1969 to be exact. Boris REALLY doesn’t like the reality of living on a moon based prison and he’s a little perturbed about K shooting off his arm during their last encounter 60 years prior. Oh, and K then launched a protective shield around the planet which thwarted Boris The Animal’s brethren ( it’s just Boris if you know whats good for you) from destroying the planet. As a result, Boris’ race dies out since they can’t feed on us humans. You know, that old chestnut!

Understandably, Boris is out for some payback and decides to time travel back to 1969 (awesome year BTW!) to kill his captor before he’s K takes his arm. J follows to stop the aforementioned from happening.

We learn that K wasn’t always so gruff  and one particular event changed his outlook on life. A scene between the younger Agent K and a young child version of  Agent J really tugs at the heart strings. Very unusual for a Men in Black movie which brings us to younger K played by Josh Brolin. I can imagine Brolin, who easily upstages everyone else, sitting in his living room for months just watching the first two MIB movies in an attempt to channel the essence that is Agent K. It is really well done. The mannerisms alone are worth the price of admission.

The movie has some fun with 1969 while making a few poignant comments on the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. As Jeffery Price (Michael Chernus) observes just before Will Smith “time-jumps” off a building “it wasn’t exactly a good time for your people.” Indeed.

Also of note is the performance of Michael Stuhlbarg as “Griffin”. His ability to see the future (not just a single future but all possible futures) is lighthearted and reminded me of the type of characters in the first Men in Black film.

If your a MIB fan, your going to see this movie anyway. It’s not the best film out there at the moment so I’ll put it like this. If your one of the few who hasen’t seen The Avengers yet, go see The Avengers first. It’s then a toss up between Battleship and MIB 3 for your weekend dollars.

Men in Black III / Men in Black III 3D is currently playing nationwide and is rated PG-13.

Rating: C+