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Oblivion – Review

OblivionAs other reviewers are mentioning – being a sci-fi fan isn’t an advantage while viewing Oblivion. In fact, it’s a downer as you can almost say some of the lines with the main actors. If one can forget their degree in sci-fi  ( with a minor in post-apocalyptic survival flicks ) you’ll just marvel at the stunning visuals Oblivion has to offer. Tom Cruise is his regular haptic self with plenty of meat to deal with but you can see around corners in this movie.

Oblivion starts with a narrative of how the Earth was decimated in a “we won the battle but lost the planet” ( and the moon)  type of way. Mankind has shifted to Titan – leaving behind a mop-up crew to service killer drones that apparently kill off the remnants of the moon killing alien invasion force that want to sabotage the salt-water sucking Dyson vacuum cleaner energy harvesters. Breath.  Speaking of Titan, I’m not sure I’d want to leave a floating condo in the clouds ( Lando Calrissian would be proud ) and miss my midnight swims with Andrea Riseborough for soothing methan winds of Titan . Still, this duo has just two weeks to go before they return to Titan “with the others” and then Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) has to screw it all up. Typical ‘me me me’ post-apocalyptic thinking!

It’s hard to mention even the smallest plot points past the opening without giving everything away but I’ll say this – Morgan Freeman and The King Slayer have tiny parts that should have / could have been expanded on. Once you start asking too many questions of Oblivion it starts to fall apart … so just don’t ask those questions. Enjoy the Drones, Andrea Riseborough’s awesome post-moon business attire ( with 4 inch heals) and eat your popcorn. You’ll really enjoy Oblivion if you come at it straight on.

All in all, for a sci-fi movie, I give Oblivion a 3/4 rating if your not sci-fi fan. If you are, it’s a 2/4 split. The production value and Cruise’s strong acting are enough to carry the day if you just accept some things in advance.


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