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How Marvel’s Avengers sunk Hasbro’s Battleship Deep

… like Laurentian Abyss deep.

This isn’t so much a review on the Avengers as it is a commentary on the future of comic book spiced movies. There are plenty of great reviews out there like as THIS  one, THAT one and ONE MORE over there. You’ll even find some negative nellies but the numbers speak all that needs to be spoken. The Avengers / Marvel / Disney have more money than Greece, more money than Zuckerberg (if that stock keeps fallin’ – puny GODS!) Simply put, The Avengers is THE BEST comic book infused fruit cake to date and I consider it a sequel – like the Lord of the Rings 5 or Harry Potter 12. A sequel ? Sure, all these characters are known to us. No need for a real backstory in The Avengers – get to the smashing. These people are our peeps!

DISCLAIMER: I have no memory of EVER reading a comic book so I’m not ‘THAT GUY’ – I’m that other guy.

It’s going to be hard for Marvel/Disney to post such numbers in future releases without crossover involvement from the stable of characters they now have – talk about a DEEP bench! I’m not referring to  Director Fury, Black Widow or Hawkeye – their collective involvement is a given and a must. Heck, throw Buzz Lightyear in the mix next time, I’ll squeal like a 12 year old fanboy. While movies currently in the pipeline may only feature simple cameos, those not currently in production might see tighter integration. Someday we’ll see Tony Stark buzzing around Asgard (in formation with Buzz Lightyear – I’m talking to you Favreau)  flying CAP for THOR. They (the powers that be) almost have to. We’ll see.

On to Battleship – it was a decent flick but its connection to Battleship (the board game) was loose since there wasn’t much to work with there anyway. There was a specific scene meant to make the connection but I’m not sure it landed. It has been compared to Transformers (with less than Optimus Prime size earnings) in the direction, pace and effects and I think thats fair. The aliens (you remember Aliens from the board game, right?) were cool especially if you’re a HALO fan. Some say it was just timing, had Battleship hit on week three of The Avengers it might have been a different story. Again, I think that is a fair comment as well. If Battleship had been up against Iron Man 3 or Thor 2 the numbers might be more in line with expectations.

How about Battleship partnering up with the Transformers? “Big Mo” getting the Michael Bay treatment might just give it a chance against Director Fury and crew.

The future of these movies will be forever changed (until forever doesn’t work anymore)  and these onscreen meetups of our favorite heroes (and villains) is just beginning. Lets hope everyone plays nice.

Oh, and Brooklyn Decker was fantastic – just sayin’

THE AVENGERS is rated PG-13 and is currently playing nationwide.

Rating: A+

BATTLESHIP is rated PG-13 and is currently playing nationwide .

Rating: C+

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