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Iron Man 3 – New Theatrical Trailer

“There’s my boys …”

Iron Man 3 Poster - The Mandarin

Mailbox App for iOS – Initial Review

Sad face!

Mailbox settings

Mailbox App

I’ve used the much anticipated Mailbox App for a few days now with an ‘everything else’ GMAIL account. I have to say, I’m disappointed but first the positive.

The app seems to be well thought out in almost every way. It’s polished and responsive on my iPhone 4s but to use Mailbox you REALLY have to change the way you (conceptually) view email. To say the developers are attempting to move your cheese is a serious understatement … they want you to start hating ‘cheese’ altogether. With the goal of ‘Inbox Zero‘, the app seeks to whisk away all your troublesome email into GMAIL’S much misunderstood ‘ALL MAIL’ folder while ignoring your existing GMAIL labels. NO LABELS !?! Yeah, no labels. Deal with it Mr. Organized.

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Foursquare Update

A Foursquare FaceliftFoursquare updated today. While no game changing features were added … the app did get a much nicer GUI.

Some new features include a shift to suggested venues, the ability to ‘Like’ others check-ins, venues, and posts. Images are also more prominent in this release. The application seems to be taking on a Gowalla/Path type of feel.