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When wireless networks fail your brand – you must fill the gap

It’s important to put the following btch session in context – I had just had a picture taken of myself with Santa Clause – in a Karaoke  Bar at Universal Studios, he was wearing a tropical shirt and we were all happy. All I wanted to do was share that ‘special moment’ with my small network on Facebook and Twitter. My iPhone  had a good signal, it was nearly fully charged thanks to my Mophie Juice Pack AND it was at the perfect time of night to get some good shares or at least a few likes. All good for the Klout score. AT&T would have none of it!

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Disneynature’s Chimpanzee Review

I had the pleasure of attending the Disneynature’s Chimpanzee Premiere at Downtown Disney in Orlando last Friday. It was my first red carpet experience and Jane Goodall sat just behind our group which was kind of neat.

Let me reverse this review up a bit. Yes, the movie has awesome cinematography and Oscar (the lead?) is so amazingly cute, I could hear muted “awes” around me every time the little bugger had a closeup. What truly amazed me was the quality of the footage! I think the people who spent FOUR YEARS in the Ivory Coast’s rugged Tai Forest (dealing with all sorts of challenges) are the real heros here. I encourage you to stay through the credits for some behind the scenes clips that detail the hell these people went through to get such amazingly CLOSE shots.

On to the film.

The story begins with Oscar, a young chimp learning from his mother Isha about the ways of the forest. Narrator Tim Allen does a good job at injecting just the right amount of humor into each scene while giving a ‘voice’ to the chimpanzee’s actions and movements. For those familiar with Mr. Allen’s Tool Time past, there is even a shout-out (well grunt-out) to his former show.

As the cameras follow Oscar and his forest education, there is trouble brewing with a rival group of chimps who have designs on the treasured nut grove frequented by Oscar and his extended family. “Scar”, the alpa male leader of a larger (and apparently uglier) rival ‘gang’, attacks causing the unconfirmed death of Isha – leaving the vulnerable Oscar orphaned. Seeing Oscar go from female to female only to face rejection is hard to watch. Indeed, during filming the crew filming it thought that this was it – Oscar was doomed. They planned to pack up an leave until something extraordinary happened. Oscar was finally adopted by a most unlikely chimpanzee.

Oscar’s new parent was the group’s alpha male – the elder ‘Freddy’. This is where the story begins again for Oscar. His new teacher and protector saves Oscar from starvation and eventually drives Scar off again (for good?) in a second attack. Watching the two interact is something to behold as this type of bonding rarely happens in the wild.

While I’m sure there was some creative liberty in the telling of this story, I don’t really care all that much. I learned a lot about chimpanzees and their human like behaviors which I suspect is the point – I learned something while developing an appreciation for these animals, their plight and their dwindling numbers. I might have picked a better name for Scar though. Each time Tim Allen mentioned his name I pictured him back at camp singing ‘Be Prepared’ like Jeremy Irons from The Lion King while Whoopi Goldberg and Cheech Marin looked on.

Surprised is one word I would use about my reaction to this film. It’s not a movie I would usually pay to see. That would have been a mistake giving the visually striking nature of this film. You should see it on the big screen if possible. I’ll now take a closer look at Disneynature movies in the future as I’m sure my two daughters would love a story like this.

Chimpanzee opens Friday, April 20, 2012. From opening day through April 26th, a portion of the films proceeds with go to the Jane Goodall Institute (http://www.janegoodall.org) for the protection of chimpanzees.

This film is rated G.


Trailer: www.disney.com/chimpanzee/